Controversial New Diet Pill Hits the Market

Green Coffee Beans on Wooden table

Move Over Weight Watchers, a new dietary supplement combination has doctors raving. Due to its almost unbelievable results, it has also created quite a frenzy among dieters. The unique combination of  Green Coffee Bean Maxima, a fat burning extract from pre-processed coffee beans, and Inner Clean, a digestive probiotic, is so effective it has become one of the hottest diets in the United States – But not without controversy.

Critics say the compounds – green coffee antioxidant , or GCA (the extract from the Coffea fruits), and Lactospore Sporogenes (the main ingredient in Inner Clean) – cause such dramatic weight loss that they are ripe for abuse by people who only want to lose weight for cosmetic reasons. Proponents of the nutrients claim that they have been proven by scientific studies to be effective and safe, and that banning the natural compounds would be akin to banning vitamins.


One thing people on both sides can agree on is the controversial, new supplement works. According to a new study from researchers at Scranton University, men and women who took the supplement for 22 weeks lost an average of 17.5 pounds without additional diet or exercise.

Another study published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity found that people taking green coffee bean extract lost an average of 10 percent of their total bodyweight, including 16 percent of their total body fat — with zero side effects.

Scientific Study

In fact, not only were there not any side effects, but people using the supplement actually experienced improved health measures across the board, including reductions in bad LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar.

And if all that weren’t reason enough to have desperate slimmers stocking up, researchers from the University of Tennessee found that people taking green coffee bean extract experienced a significant decline in cravings for carbohydrates — likely due to the nutrient’s postive effect on blood sugar and insulin.

Should Green Coffee Bean and Inner Clean Be Regulated?

News of this breakthrough has spread like wildfire and has propelled Green Coffee Bean Maxima and Inner Clean to the top of the weight loss world. However, some doctors argue this fat loss duo may, in fact, cause too much of a weight reduction to be offered over-the-counter and therefore should be regulated like Xenical and other prescription diet aids.

Indeed, published, peer-reviewed research shows an average weight loss of 10 percent of a person’s bodyweight within just 10 weeks - an effect greater than most prescription diet pills.

This has some weight-management experts fearing the new super slimmers may, in fact, cause too much weight loss and may be abused by people who have no business taking it. In fact, The Norwegian Department of Public Health recently did a survey that showed 23% of normal-weight people consider themselves overweight – and are therefore four times more likely to misuse diet aids in an unwarranted attempt to lose weight.

Weight-management experts, as well as the Norwegian researchers, point out that the slimming aids should only be used by overweight individuals, not vanity seekers, in conjunction with healthy eating and regular physical activity.

How to Be a Smart Green Coffee Bean/Inner Clean Shopper…

No doubt about it, the Green Coffee Bean/Inner Clean diet is probably the number one bestselling diet in the U.S. And for good reason – both the research and real-life success stories suggest it really does seem to live up to the hype. Not surprisingly, given its popularity, Green Coffee and Probiotic products are advertised all over the internet.

But before you buy, be cautious because a high percentage of Green Coffee Bean and Probiotic Inner Clean supplements advertised online contain a host of fillers and added ingredients like saw dust, which you absolutely don’t want.

While there are a lot of products to choose from, and you should choose whichever product you like best, we like the Green Coffee Bean and Digestive Probiotic formulas called Green Coffee Maxima  and Inner Clean Max . These pure forms of GCA and Lactospore Sporogenes are manufactured in the United States, contain no fillers or other unnecessary ingredients, are tested daily for quality control and potency, and the recommended dosages are the same as those used in the clinical trials. In addition, the manufacturers are giving away complementary sample bottles, so you can try the products with no risk.

All you pay is $4.95 (shipping) to have the 30-day supply sent to your doorstep.

Pure Green Coffee Maxima

Change in Appetite

You will begin to notice a change in your appetite. In times you would usually be hungry you will actually feel satisfied. The reason is because Green Coffee Bean Extract is an appetite suppressant.

More Energy

In 1 week you should begin to feel an increase in your energy levels. Take advantage of your new found energy and go for a walk. Pairing Green Coffee Bean Maxima with exercise will lead to tremendous results.

(Trial bottles are still available! Click the link above!)

Probiotic Inner Clean

How Does Probiotic Inner Clean Work?

Look and feel great with Innerclean! Bad foods overload the body with toxins and provide very little nutritional support causing poor health, sickness and disease. InnerClean is an internal body cleansing and detoxification formula to remove toxins, parasites and reduce arthritic pain & aches.

(Due to the popularity of Inner Clean all trial bottles have sold out. But you can still purchase the bottle here!)

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