The More You Smile The Healthier You Are

Women Smiling

Did you ever think about it… really think about it… what a smile can do for your mind, body and soul? Surely you’ve heard people tell you to “turn that frown upside down”, and countless other clichés that preach smiling over any other emotion, but have you ever considered that a smile can do more for you than just boost your mood?

Studies have found that smiling can impact individuals by reducing stress, preventing illness, and even acting as anti-aging formula. Who knew you could get all of that from a smile?

Reducing stress is just ONE of many health benefits of smiling. So before you break the bank for a new health regime and an entirely new diet to improve your health, consider all of these ways a simple smile can help you:

  • The endorphins that smiling can kick in lift your mood and can leave you feeling much happier than you did before
  • Smiling during tasks, even the difficult ones, has been shown to increase productivity
  • Studies have found that we are more trustful of others when they have a genuine smile
  • Smiling and laughter have a health power in them – they can reduce pain. Endorphins are not only natural mood lifters but also painkillers
  • Smiling naturally lifts your face and those muscles help you to look younger – around 3 years younger on average
  • Smiles can help your body to relax and allow your immune system to react quicker and more effectively against bad germs and invaders
  • On average, people who smile more often live longer, too! Imagine that?

On top of health benefits, smiling can also help you to appear more confident and attractive – boosting your personal and professional success.

So, what are you frowning for?! Get to smiling!

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